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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Legend of Toribash: The Eternal Pursuit

    From the primordial chaos before the heavens formed slept a God of violence, destruction, carnage, and contention.   Pacified by nothingness. Calmed by the Void.   The eternal expression of power slept until the heavens quickened and formed the earth and the people.

    The Torigod ravaged creation once awakened. Slaying and raping the Ukes mercilessly until blah blah blah, a bunch of creation mythos and history, great Tori Heroes rose against the Torigod and defeated him, etc. etc. etcetera.

    As it comes to pass, the old heroes grew old and got jobs and couldn't play Toribash anymore, or aged or died or something, but whatever, they're gone now, and the Uke's have gotten restless after the stories that were handed down of the Uke that became a Tori by fighting back were all told and retold, and told again.

    This is the story of a band of unlikely Toris to become new, erh, well.... characters. Not all of them are heroes so wholesome as Godslayer Toris, rising up to free the Ukes. No.

    No, some of them are monsters in their own right.

    Some of them have a different story to tell...

    An Uke, in a mass of identical Ukes; tending to this farm like all the other Ukes, but he is a little Unique.  He is self aware.  But his self awareness is not met with any dire necessity like the Tori Heroes' were.  No, his self awareness had nothing to insist on his being self aware.
    He slowly slips into madness every day that goes by, as if it were the same day. Over. and Over. and Over. and OVAH.

    Something snaps in his mind.  The calm and controlled voice in his head says "Ovah" and he knows that it is truly 'ovah'.

    Uke, amongst Ukes, in the rice paddy.  Ukes, droning away like slaves. Soulless, robotic automations.  This Uke is aware of Himself.  No longer just another Uke.  Not an Uke anymore.  Not-Uke is also aware of hunger.  The soulless Ukes are not even aware at all, they probably don't think, they probably can't even feel pain.  Not-Uke looks up from his work and stops, staring down the near-by worker, oblivious of Not-Uke.

    Now.  In the past, after the great uprising, the Tori Heroes had taught a few select Ukes to be guardians, whereupon they gained unconscious understanding of the fight and its varied contortions but they were still autonomous and soulless nevertheless.
    The Tori Heroes imparted their fighting arts at a bare minimum, just enough to keep the Ukes functioning, unable to revolt but still able to protect themselves from any new threats.  
    Watching the Ukes in their daily toil, the guardians were positioned to notice the Not-Uke break paradigm...  Their program, to return the malfunctioning Uke to its proper place, face, and routine performance.
    They would contort themselves against the target and maneuver the target into the floor, automatically disabling it.  The Guardians were not the only programs the Tori Heroes left behind, many others existed to perform their designated maintenance and protection routines.  There were Ukes who were taught to reassemble parts, Ukes trained to manipulate disabled, Relaxed, Ukes and reprogram them, and Ukes who labored repetitively.

    Some Ukes, upon achieving conscious awareness, would show signs and symbols of their sovereignty by altering their face, speaking, discoloring their bodies, using Kaiais, Bashing other Ukes, Bashing Themselves, and many other psychotic, repetitive, competitive, and violent activities.
    Before the Tori Heroes disappeared into obscurity, they left enough combat skill in the programming for Ukes to access, consciously or not, to become fully integrated with their bodies; those aware of it became new Toris, Adventurers of a heightened conscious pursuit.

    ... While the other Ukes became implements of the program itself, enforcing other Ukes to stand still and Hold All.
    Enforcing other Ukes to remain silent.
    Enforcing other Ukes to clear away all identity.
        No /em speaking
        No special headtex.
        No force colors.
        No relax colors.
        No blood colors.
        No Kaiai!
            No. Moving. What. So. Ever.

    The Uke Guards approached the Not-Uke   Not-Uke stood up and held his joints out, like a good Uke ought. He stood there, waiting to be struck and contorted by the guard, struck back into shape and back into the program.

    As the Guard cocked his knee up and his fist back, Not-Uke broke Uke Law and spoke!
    "I Am SuicideDo!!!" He hollered, and rapidly torqued himself into a punch that he immediately decapitated the guard with, then followed up by ripping his own arm off.

    SuicideDo lay in his own blood for a moment, surprised that his own suicide attempt did nothing to disable him.  He gathered his arm and hurried away, shocked that none of the other Ukes responded, or even acknowledged him as he ran.
    He was not going to stick around and fight all of the guards single handedly anyways! (pun intended) So he hurried off to find more awakened Toris to fight, and become better, faster, more aware, and more importantly, to eat!


    Running proved difficult as he stumbled, tumbled, cartwheeled, and bounded down the mountains, into the wooded valleys below.
    His hunger increased and he had no food, but his own dismembered arm began looking tastier and tastier as the minutes slowly ticked by.  Overcome by starvation, SuicideDo bit into his own dismembered arm, and moaned in ecstasy at the taste of his own flesh.  He devoured his own arm, but to his astonishment, it regrew!  He had his arm back AND a full belly!

    SuicideDo was impressed by what he had learned about himself, and tested a foot next, purposely ripping it off his leg.  Accidentally tearing his whole leg off, he laughed a demoniacal laugh of pain and pleasure combined.  Feasting on his leg, he watched each joint and bone regrow, bit by bit, as he ate each piece.
    "Hahahahaha! HAW! I am invincible! What a bastard I am! To grow my body parts back just by eating them!  I have to fight someone, for real! Those Ukes will pay for enslaving me!"  SuicideDo spoke out loud, cursing the Ukes.  Turning back and returning with the intent to challenge the whole rice paddy at once, SuicideDo set off from the bottom of the valley, completely oblivious that he was lost.

    He traveled for an hour on the hillside, without any idea as to which direction he was going, or from which direction he had come. He simply assumed he was heading back the way he came - having no reference to any of the activities he was engaging, he wandered arbitrarily - yet with an eerie and lasting confidence that he was on the right path.
    Some time after the sun began to set, he could see small fires in the distance lighting up by the shores of a wide river.  SuicideDo had traveled over twenty miles without conscious effort or measure.  He was consistently aware of hunger and occasionally tore off a piece of himself to eat along the way.
    By the time he had come within view of the encampment's evening fires, he had permanently chewed away his own face and carved himself a nose-less nose.  He also ate a lot of leaves, bushes, tree needles, and herbs that his skin took on a green color.

    Before he could approach the clearings near the river, he was stopped by a rather ferocious looking Tori!  Colored and decked out, but silent, and foreboding.  His wild hair indicated he was untamable but his Uke stance suggested there was something else at play.  SuicideDo did not see any other Toris, and he could not see any Ukes around the village from here, but figured he'd fight this wild Tori, and assumed an Uke position to provoke him.
    Almost instantly, the fight began, without warning! SuicideDo had to act instantly, and tried to curve around the incoming strike!  The challenger swung to the right, so SuicideDo swung with him, and tried grabbing his arm, but the next thing he knew, he was on the ground, in parts, and there was no one around.  His right arm was severed at the shoulder, and his left wrist was laying beside his chest when he awoke.

    Everything had come and gone so fast, he had no recollection of ever fighting, and put together a bizarre picture in his mind of how he tripped and fell to pieces. As he "retraced" his steps, he grew hungrier so he began eating his body parts. But upon doing so, he gained sudden awareness of his last fight and how those parts came off!  In a flash he saw the wild haired one, his sudden torque to the right, spinning, severed arms - he lost the same arm - SuicideDo's own fist snapped at the wrist as he grabbed his opponent's fist.  SuicideDo remembers moments right up to falling, but not hitting the ground.

    The last thing he remembers is falling and seeing both arms grabbing one another, spinning.... spinning.... as the sinking feeling of falling......   disappears into nothingness.   "Well I'm awake now, might as well eat." SuicideDo mumbles to himself as he finishes eating and remembering the fight's synaptic events.  As if being able to review the fight in detail. Just by tasting defeat.

"Mmmm... Defeat..." He chewed noisily.

    After everything regrew, and he was able to bumble around and roll and cartwheel, and flip toward the river, he'd finally gotten close enough to see the Ukes.  They were mostly sleeping, and a few cooked over the fires.  Guardians saw SuicideDo and did not hesitate to send one over.
    SuicideDo fell down, got up, and stood with a hand on one hip, waiting sarcastically.
    When the Guardian approached and assumed the Uke stance, SuicideDo mirrored him, and again, the fight began instantly.

    The Guardian grounded his left leg with his heel but pushed off with his toes while contracting his knee, cocked up his right hip and tucked his right knee in as he torqued right with chest and pecs, twisting fast, reaching out with his left hand to grab, and swinging back with his right fist fully extended.  But SuicideDo acted fast, and torqued the same way but cocked his left wrist in as he grabbed the Uke's inner elbow while dropping his right shoulder and elbow to intercept Guardian Uke's left hand.

    SuicideDo grounded himself with a firm left hip thrust and tiptoe, torquing right, and hauling his right leg up in a relaxed fashion, his contracted foot intercepting the Uke's left and right thighs and right shin as they leapt at one another, spiraling around in a head on clockwise fashion.   Both combatants reversed spin with the momentum at such a time that they rotated around one another again, thrusting their legs out for stability.

    Uke's left leg down, SuicideDo's leg out in the air to the left.  SuicideDo held his form while in the air.  The Uke Guardian tried to throw his momentum against the inertia by grounding.  But by stabilizing his inertia with the ground, he broke his entire shin and foot off!

    The momentum he had built up enabled SuicideDo's last twitch to swing back into the Uke and kick his ribs one last time for effect.

    The match was over, and the next Guardian stood Uke-statue.