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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Redundant Jovian Thor: Artwork shared

Moody's Internet Café and Art Gallery, always a good time for coffee!
The lamp appears to be made of some kind of marble. It's beautiful, and i drew a full page sketch, but gave that away to a South Korean girl...  I wonder where that picture went?

It's always a good time for coffee!!
Scene: Moody's Art Gallery and Internet Cafe; Coffee time!

My time in Fort Bragg was trying, at worst, and interesting at best...  met many cool people, but brushed elbows with plenty of horrible types.  thank god there was never dialogue with those!

Fort Bragg Post Office
In the mall at Fort Bragg, there was a large amethyst geode.
I drew that.

$0.00 Fucks given


He went thattaway Doc!

The Round Man in a Cube World
Sacred Circles and Geometry

Phoenix Cell
Ba Gua

Mendocino county is beautiful...  This is just one example of that.
Then the whales in Fort Bragg, right by Town Hall.
Mendocino Coast

Fort Bragg Bronze Sculpture

TWENTY ELEMENT MASTERY (errors in the tetragrams, sorry! :'( )
Signed: R.J.Thor: all rights reserved

here's a little peek at my stats work!

and my latest efforts in the art world. also, me.

Copyright Jonathon D. Turner Alias Redundant Jovian Thor.
All artwork seen here was drawn by me, and is owned by me.
Please ask permission before using - should the urge occur.