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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Five(5) Values or Virtues of Life

      Not everyone can read this at home.

      Some people don't have a home. Maybe they can find it at the library, if they aren't using the internet to kick back and unwind from a long day.

      Not everyone can read.

      This message is not only for people who have internet, people who have a home, or people who have an income and can afford the internet.
      We're all in this thing, this scenario, this world; We're all in it together. Everything we do is affecting everyone else here. We're aware of it on a subconscious level, but we're "too busy affording a life" to realize..........

      The time to act is never yesterday and can never be tomorrow or "later". "NOW" is the only "Time" we have ever had. So we're wasting Now, trying to survive alone and against each other and the world.

      Now is the time to reverse course from division and conquest to unity and prosperity. We're so far along a path of destruction and deceit that we've largely lost hope, consigned to it, or even joined forces with it.
      Not everyone can read this at any time at all while they are being given orders and possibly shot at. This message is for EVERYONE. We're so busy "defending our freedom" with bullets and bombs that we cant even see the poisoning of our own food and water by our own hands. We've become so helplessly dependent on a weapon of mass deception that we're unable to see it in our hands, on our minds, or how we're using it to completely enslave ourselves!

      To rid ourselves of weapons means we must end our dependency on them.
      To rid our dependency on weapons we must stop valuing money.
      To divest from currency and debt, we must become self sufficient.
      To become self sufficient without currency, we must learn how to produce our own necessities from the resources in our local environment and adapt to the natural contours and breaths of life instead of enforcing our walls and gates and box shaped confinements.

      How do we do that? How do we learn everything that creates the things we buy, how can we do something we don't know or have access to? My only answer to those questions are that we communicate with each other more, and find those of us who are already doing the right things to grow food in a sustainable manner! All i can offer are ways of behaving and conducting ourselves that better benefit one another. As far as sustaining ourselves, we should look into the old ways that have been lost, farming has become harmful, but it doesn't have to. The answer is pretty simple.
Permaculture, Hemp, renewable sustainability; divestment and boycotting of all harmful elements to the *WHOLE* structure of our reality and not just the <civilization> aspect.

      Exemplifying the truth in regards to personal accountability and how we affect our environment with our actions, interactions, exchanges, and the "money trail".
      Truth in all regards comes from the heart of your heart, and that is true for all people, as far as I believe and feel. I can only speak for myself, but i feel that never the less. "Feeling" is just as relevant as "perceiving" "thinking" and "knowing".

      With sustainability and renewable resources like solar, wind, and hemp, we can also put more attention and focus and effort into our personal interactions with our world, environment, and society, and learn how to utilize and benefit not only our own freedom, but the freedom of all of our peers, family, community, culture, and so on and so forth. The Sovereignty and Integrity of every person needs be examined, cultivated, and healed.
      Our Freedom is useless if we aren't taking responsibility for its effects and affects.

      Once we can harmonize with our responsibilities and our leisures we can see that reality is VERY creative and our re-creation OF creation is VERY recreational!
      Freedom is pretty lonely without Unity. We are all individual Sovereign entities, free to do as we will. BUT we must not forget that we are affecting each other and our environment with every action we take. By Integrity we show that we value this very same freedom in others just as well as we do in ourselves. Sovereign Integral. Mutual Unity. None are left behind.
      Some people treat their cats and dogs better than most humans behave in general. we could learn from this compassion.

      Once we grasp the concept of unity, and comprehend that without mutual inclusion and benefit we only harm ourselves and rip and tear apart our own lives, mutual unity exemplifies the family bond.
      Without family, we become unfamiliar with our own environment and have no foundations for ANY of our Truth or freedom, and without family, we cannot learn the value of mutual unity early on and are left to our own devices.
      This can be healthy with a little foundation, but it destroys people's lives when they are thrown into the world, wild or civil, without knowing themselves. Repeating that damage is not helping repair it, Family is supposed to be the structural bond that enables us to prosper and thrive within our environment.

      All of these values are connected, lean on one another, and build each other. They are an Art as much as they are a way of living. All arts are beneficial to the harmony of life and humanity, and if we integrate more art into our lives, we can become much healthier and feel better about our accomplishments.
      The Martial Arts are the healthiest introduction to integration of mind, body, and art itself. a permanent inclusion of art into your own life.
      Martial arts are not about fighting, but about cultivating the perfect body - and this is genuinely an art! There are no limits to how we can use our own bodies for art - piercings, tattoos, and attire are some which have long been utilized even. Sharing in the craftsmanship and artisanship of our necessities and luxuries alike will automatically enrich our lives by their very production.

      Art is not only bodily, martial/health, visual, musical, or cinematic, but also applicable to EVERY aspect of life.
      Deception has long been the ONLY art employed in the survival of united states.
      We need to end it by employing the art of sharing, cultivating, and producing food.
      Permaculture is the primary key to our entire scenario: If we do not control our food, we lose.