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Saturday, May 21, 2016

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Welcome to my bass ackwards blog.    I don't know what I'm doing except writing, and I know it's a work in progress, nothing but a work in progress...    actually several...  and th blog is running backwards. you're getting the end first and the beginning last.   oh well.  im not web savy enough to care- for i have a solution!

A crappy half assed solution, but it should do the trick.

Meanwhile, allow me to explain what you're doing here.  that's right, you've unwittingly stumbled across this unknown cyber realm and are lost.  mmhmm yup.  But not to worry, you're in a good place. It's safe here.aside from the horrid gramatical inconsistency and general lack of give-a-shit.
About spelling that is...  so it's safe for everyoe except gramar nazis.*

As i was explainin', you've come upon a trove of pure, raw, unrefined creativity.  A genuine Work in Progress cache.

Since each page is it's own story, and as such, its own work in progress, i've decided to maintain this as a main page...  it's the first page you'll see when you link to and it's the newest page i've submitted.

Since that's backwards from what i want, and i dont know howto invert it, i'll just copy this page and paste it every time a new work comes into progress, and add the new work to the list!

Of course, if there's a better way to do this, and i find out, im sure this is already an obsolete solution to a simple problem.

The Dao Bums (Formerly known as The Tao Bums

My little experience on this awesome community. The web forum, The Dao Bums.

Five Virtues

Here, I talk about my personal core values which i believe are critical to humane behavior and social and psychological survival.

Toribash: Violence Perfected; A Genuine Martial Art!

This one is kind of special, and ties into Onethruten... or actually, Onethruten is a contribution to Toribash ;)

Onethruten: A short Story.

A short story of a hero who does things and meets people, and stuff; and things, and junk, and whatnot.

The Legend of Toribash: The Eternal Pursuit

Redundant Jovian Thor: Artwork Shared
A small handfull of some of my hand-drawn sketches during my brief time in Mendocino county (January-March 2016)

The original Origins story as never told before...

Visions from the Priestess of Righteousness is a first and third person narration sequence involving YOU as the listener.

Which all lead out from The Tree at the World's End...   which is back story...

To Apocalypse: Tales of the Phoenix Days ... Which is the precursor...

For a World in Progress

Which includes additional Back Story for several characters, only one of which is in this blog yet:
A Curious History of one Great Skinwalker Warrior

kind of disjointed thoughts going into that whole project... what a mess!

And the currently hot project I am writing is a fanfiction...   Which I am kind of embarrassed about, because I usually pride myself in creativity and avoid "mooching" off of other people's creations...  in other words: I don't write fanfics.**

However, as I explain in the comment at the bottom of the page, the emotional investment of one of Hyrule's contributors has touched my heart and inspired me to go with an idea that I've had for years and years, since Ocarina of Time first became mine...

I write Hylian Hearts, not because it's mine... But because it's NOT mine...   Because it is a gift to every Legend of Zelda contributor and fan.

in a sense, I have to write it...  I don't want to not finish this...

So the most up to date and consistently maintained project you will read here for some time to come is going to be The Legend of Zelda: Hylian Hearts.

I hope that this project is as fun for you to read as it has been for me to imagine, fantasize, and write about.

*I actually did all of that deliberately, and i do edit my work for grammar and spelling. I just want you to feel at home, like you aren't going to get lynched if you spill coffee or visit here drunk.

** I haven't done that since first grade, writing about the Battletoads!   ... which i might just do that again come to think of it...   But not without an artist.   I have candidates in mind.  busy candidates who have lives and make more money doing their own thing :P


    We began our works, many times over, repeatedly. we developed many ideas, formed endless concepts, and created all variety of methods. Things always have been like this, and as far as is knowable, they always will be like this.

    Sure, we have seen our kind come and go, we are born, just the same as anyone else, and we, too, will die. Our being is.
    We are nameless and named, thoughtless and thought, being and doing. For all that is, we create, combine, depart, flow, stop, being all manner of verb and not. Continuation is all that can be known.

    We have developed all that is and ever will be, all that has been and never will be. it is our doing. We do it. We dont do it. We are and are not all that is and is not and we will.

    This is.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Thoughts coming together and forming thoughts and ideas, ideas coming together and forming thoughts, ideas, and concepts!
    Concepts colliding and causing events, events and concepts creating Sounds! Lights! Colors!

    These colors conveyed so much more than just thought and idea, but suddenly pushed idea to grow exponentially to surpass even color, ideas became the most creative force.

    And there then became creative worlds and universes of light and color, eventually even, life.

    We came and went as we pleased, it was enjoyable. when we wanted to come back, they would become autonomous and we would watch them interact with each other. their anatomy was amazing.

    Masses swirling and forming, creating new sights and sounds, even sometimes new elements, with new interactions.

    After time, new elements became something that took the front stage of attention, something that moved with it's own unique gravity, erratic from the world around it. These new elements, we called life, took on the most amazing approach to the environment. They absorbed smaller elements to become larger and stronger, and eventually they would reproduce, and die. they decomposed and returned to the environment.
    Their children would move on to repeat this process, becoming stronger and more durable than their ancestors... This life that had developed over ages of autonomous interaction was the most beautiful thing.
    We watched. We interacted. We, too, became creative once more, inspired by our own works; we designed life that could better interact with the environment and serve it as well.

    From the dirt and stone and water, we created a moss and from that moss we created spores to make that moss grow.

    Our tiny elements of life became the building blocks of larger elements of life. Plants began to grow from where once the moss covered the stony shores of this planet. Trees grew where flowers evolved, and eventually the environment had grown to a vast tropical paradise.
    In the ocean, our tiny creatures, which eventually became building blocks for much larger creatures, began to grow as well, and evolve into other tiny creatures, until we had systems of cells, nerves, and organs, that we now had fish. Finally; with muscles and bones, we had the system of life in place.

    As we left these new creatures to their world, and learned who they were, we became fascinated, and many times would possess them and live through them, experiencing our own world from an angle never before presented. When we became stagnant, we would leave the body and come home to regenerate, while the host body would carry on about it's life, as though we were never a part of it; yet, still, with everything they learned from us.

    They eventually developed their own creative forces to evolve and adapt to the environment, they started exploring the jungles and the elements of the air. Becoming able to grow claws to dig into the earth, senses to find food, and eventually evolving teeth to devour raw flesh, they adapted to the jungle and became the animals.
    As they evolved, they accented the environment, which, too, evolved to accent the lives which we had created.
    This was our garden. Where we could cultivate life and experience freely to enjoy its benefits: A place to relax, even while we were away from home.

    The animals evolved over time, slower as time went on, as they became more and more capable of surviving this world we had created; they too became stagnant.

    We enjoyed this time, as we accented the lives once more, creating new ideas and ways of living. We became stagnant in our creativity until our previous brothers and sister had finished regenerating, whereupon returning, they were inspired anew.

    We let them recreate and run with their inspirations while those of us who had become stagnant returned home to regenerate.

    This evolutionary process took lizards through a period of massive growth and fierceness. The world was full of conflict, and eventually we saw that this would destroy the garden, so we had uprooted this new life. We created conflict among ourselves, some saying that the natural chaos was good, others complaining that many old creations were lost.

    Eventually we all came to agreement to start over with what creatures we had left, and work together to make the perfect creature, suited to this environment.

    The mammals were taken to be most suited to life on the land, and this was where the most interesting experiences happened, so we decided to make a unique mammal. It had opposable thumbs on it's feet and hands so that it could grab anything at any angle in it's environment, and a rapid synaptic connection between the brain and body so that it could learn how to manipulate it's environment faster.

    These apes who so enjoyed life had been the success of an age. They were as fond of their world as we were of them. We enjoyed living through them, and eventually even invited their first evolutionary sons and daughters, who stood on their hind legs, to dwell with us in our home on this Earth.

    Eventually they, too, became creative as we left them to their autonomous devices. Creating crude shelters out of rough materials, they were able to survive many situations which their previous brothers and sisters had evolved fur coats, claws, and acute senses. We thought this was good, a new, unique approach to survival.

    It was a golden age.

    They evolved twice more until they had no more fur, except for that in a few regions of the body, and lost some body mass, in exchange for dexterity, intelligence, and wit.

    Many of us became absolutely obsessed with this new creation, and explored its every angle of element.
    The body was unique in almost every way. It's ears were difficult, and at times impossible, to move; the nose and tongue experienced many extremes of scent and flavor, the sights were different in context of what this body could do, and its feet were one of a kind. With these free appendages to grab and manipulate objects, creativity was a given.

    Time passed, we had come and gone many times, but a large portion of us were becoming stagnant and needed to come home to preserve the mana.

    Most of us came home, but some small few remained behind, so enamored were they, with strong attachments to the illusions of power through limitations via contrast to all else before them, they refused to part with the bodies they possessed, focused only on learning how to work with mana from within the creation.
    We felt that maybe it was just a part of our own evolution and let them be, sending messengers back periodically to encourage them to recharge, but for ages they stayed behind.

    Eventually, on one such occasion, something completely different took place. "I will return with you, but only temporarily. I have finally assisted my brothers and sisters to reproduce here."
    Confused, the messenger responded "But you have already fathered several sons and daughters, what do you mean?"

    The aged man, preserved by the mana of his soul for 5000 years, grinned wide to cackle and collapsed, dead.
    The messenger born witness of his soul energies rising up from the body to purify and regenerate, but instead, shot out to the universe to a distant point in the sky.

    A light charged the sky, piercing even the daylight for a moment, creating a mid afternoon star (and for some a midnight dawn).
    The first star away from earth was born.
    That same day the other 144,000 or so of us, energies that inhabited the human body, departed to the void to populate the sky.

    Their whispers echoed in the wind "We will return to be born here anew..."

    So from then on, their souls would regenerate in the heavens in their own private worlds of bliss, reproducing their soul energies to repopulate the world with inhabited human bodies.

    For a long time the humans were left alone after the souls departed to "regenerate", but we could see they were still using up more energies than they were restoring between trips. It was only becoming smaller amounts of energy per trip...
    As the resolution of creation grew, its relative contrast of size shrank...

    Eventually, their human shells became frail and easily killed, the energy they put in was no longer enough to preserve the body, in fact it drained the body for them to be there at all, but in their addiction to the human condition, they could not stop coming back.
    They were no longer wise and patient enough to come home to rest before returning. They created the cosmos and thus the limbo that races around their world... and eventually caused the world to race with the cosmos.

    Repeatedly have they destroyed this world, and repeatedly have we returned to breathe anew the creative life force into it, for all our love of this world is alike, but different.
    We struggle to preserve the creative force of this world, while they struggle to experience the illusions of power and control.

    Their limbo has since become vast and stimulating, confusing and even completely misleading.

    We have become fractured, lost to their limbo are at least half of us. A small portion of us hides there, trying to enlighten their captives and bring them home... we've lost side of who we are and become captive to the limbo ourselves...

    They have become powerful here, but their power all goes to one source, they are powerless individually, and still they are able to corrupt the unwary of us into their limbo, with their fears and limitations, praying on our purity and the conditions of the physical to trap us here...
    We become wise to it and eventually come home, or we are stuck here until we receive aide from our light warriors.

    All is lost and all is won yet none is there to be had of either victory or defeat. This game has existed for so long, no one even knows who caused this swirling mass of experience and stimulation anymore...
    Least of all the one(s) responsible

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "I love you so, we will again be tenderly together when your life there ends, and my duties too have been taken care of." He smiled as his beloved as she transmuted her energies into the tangible spirit.
    As her all inclusive nothingness began to fluctuate, from it's previous state of ebb and flow she smiled back to him. "It is going to change everything, you know..."

    As her once all inclusive being changed and eliminated unnecessary and incompatible energies and ideas and all forms of being into the collective whole, she began to fade from this world, as she began her journeys through time and space, deep into the void of nothingness until the light of the tiny universe began to flicker.
    The cold and lonesome void seemed beautiful, like that of a vast and lifeless twilight desert, in contrast to the tiny infinite light she approached.
    Though once fully immersed into this universe, it would seem vast and infinite unto itself.

    Her mind wandered, focusing on the thoughts and ideas that dispersed as she shrank her being into a size that could fit into the world she was soon to be born in, slowly losing awareness of these thoughts.

    She always disliked the final stages of becoming in this world, and held fast, every time, to the infinite inclusive and exclusive all of her being while she could.
    Her transference was always the slowest, but most thorough. Her lives always retained a connection to the infinite all and lasted the longest.
    This was important, for she had the talent of the teacher in her. It was she who designed the first teachers in the physical world, and she who breathed into them a small connection to the vast infinity idea.

    As she neared the fringes of infinity, the outer borders of the finite, fear began to make it's way to the forefront of her being. This indicated to her how close she was to incorporating herself into the metaphysical world.
    The fear of losing herself forever, the fear of becoming something impure, the fear of losing touch with all reality.

    Now he was here to comfort her once again. "This is the last time we shall meet before our time here is done. I have been informed, however, that we will have to work together once, toward the end of this campaign." His words of comfort did not find their absolution in her heart.
    "Please, it is too painful, must we endure the horrors together? I cannot bear to see you suffer, my love."
    They embraced one another "Nor can I bear to allow your suffering my love, but the choice is no longer ours; the devastation will come beyond our vocational rights."

    "We have been authorized to bring, with us, a connection to the infinite all, as well as develop strong spiritual connections during our lives, so as to strengthen the spiritual reproduction there."

    They savored their final moments as pure spirit together before embarking into the torrential ether.

    As they passed through into the metaphysical realm, their bodies of light took on shape and form, and they donned armor crafted of all elements. Their entry piqued the interest of several nearby daemon hounds, who savagely attacked.
    The armor was sufficient for creeps as simple as such, however they had no choice but to kill the creatures and fashion weapons from their energies, to endure and hold back the Demon Lords who would surely kill them and send them back to the infinite all before they could even begin their missions.

    The foul, corrupt soldiers who could not endure the transformation from pure infinity became stuck here, unable to advance themselves into beings of the all. They would become grossly attached to the limited concepts and ideas and to the very limitations themselves. In a bid for superiority one particular demon had advanced yet remained an ever present influence, even going so far as to go backwards and become corporeal just to retain and maintain control of his false authority.
    They could only hope one of two things were true. Either he was hiding, or he was corporeal. For if they encountered him, the entire mass of lost souls would consume them at once, tossing them into a state of limbo.

    They were lucky enough to only encounter a low count of demons on their way to the milky way galaxy.
    They needed to conserve their energy for the guardians of the milky way.
    Baal and Belial commonly took guard near the center, the way in for new souls on Earth, while their minions composed the outer barrier. The usual plan devised by the messengers was to distract Baal and Belial to leave their posts, creating a small window of opportunity to dart in from the opposite side.

    "They have been getting better at stopping souls from entering, so we are going to have to split them up this time."
    "Uh, my love. That will be most difficult. Their attention is most accute, they will not split up for just anything."
    "That is why I was permitted to bring stagnant soul material into this realm, we will build a decoy."

    He quickly fashioned a decoy soul to resemble his beloved. "We will approach the outer borders of the patrols. I will take off in that direction, and send the decoy in the opposite direction. Our energies will be identical until the decoy is apprehended, whereupon it will shock out of this realm and return home. The gap between them is your only window of opportunity, you must enter into birth before they can return, or you will remain too large, and they will be able to extract you."
    She could do nothing but nod. Her heart was knotted at the thought of separating from her love.

    "Unfortunately, my love, this is where you and I must part." Came a sudden change of plans she was not aware of.
    "But-" He stopped her and held her close "I will always love you no matter what, but now we must part ways, my objectives are going to take me through the heart of the limbos before I can become corporeal. I couldn't tell you before, because the sorrow would have called attention to us before we could make it this far. Unfortunately it is going to complicate your missions already, for I must part now in order to accomplish our tasks...
    "Till we meet again, in life, my love." He kissed her deep, but quickly, and with that, he took off, as did the decoy.

    The sorrow overtaking her piqued the interest of the minions of Belial, their attention, shifting straight toward her, caught two souls rapidly departing.
    She was undetected, due to the suddenness of the situation, and the Daemon Lords barked orders to their minions to pursue, each taking one runner. Belial one way, Baal the other. The minions all parted, as well, leaving that small window of opportunity visible before her.
    She swallowed her grief and darted into the milky way straight for the center, the way to Earth.

    A single tear of sorrow escaped her, but she could do nothing, Belial, taking on the decoy, had caught up to it, and was immediately aware of the setup.
    "Protect the galaxy!!" he shouted to his minions, as they swarmed back to their post.

    Almost there... Timing is perfect... Parents have been pre-selected by the needs of the brotherhood of light; the mother was in labor. She needed to enter the Center of the galaxy in order to complete the transformation and condensing of her spiritual energies into the etheric soul compatible with physical bodies.
    She entered the Center and immediately Earth was in her face. Her energies transmuted quickly, her light pinged on a small island, and her being was absorbed into it.

    Belial has just barely seen her as she disappeared into the Earth. "TO THE EARTH!" He ordered his demons and felhounds.
    As he charged, the tear of sorrow caught his eye, and he halted.
    He approached the tear with inquiry. "So it is a pure soul..." he grabbed the tear. "DAMMIT!"

    Belial Charged Baal's minions, blaming his companion for the failure.
    Baal had lost sight of his target, and upon seeing Belial's act of aggression, charged him.
    "How dare you blame me for your own incompetence! Where is the one you caught? You let that one escape!"

    They bickered for a moment and Belial stabbed Baal, sealing him into a corporeal manifestation of ethereal energies, binding him to the milky way.
    Now he could not leave his post.
    "I think you will find that it is now your duty to find her... and send her to my limbo."

    He showed Baal the tear "She left something behind..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Earth: 25,000 BCE.

    On the morning of spring solstice a child is born.
    His first breath at first light, the villagers know his is a special soul.
    They take good care of him...

    He grows up like any other child, he learns to take care of himself like any other teenager but all throughout his growing up, he was different.
    Even people who never met him could tell there was something about him that placed him above all others before him.

    A few feet taller than everyone else, he walked differently, only slightly... as though he weren't struggling to move through the world but was part of the world itself, like the wind, or the dirt.
    He flowed through the world when he walked.

    He slept differently, as though he were never awake to begin with, and woke differently, as though he were never asleep.
    He worked differently. Not nearly as much effort went into his work as others put into theirs, but his results were none to be matched.
    He willed himself into the world and through the world and about the world, while others struggled, by comparison, to work hard to assert themselves.

    As this child grew into a teen, as this teen into an adult, the world changed too.
    Civilization was on the rise, language was being researched and turned into symbols and writing, and the boy had decided on his name.

    "I Am Enkido."

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Redundant Jovian Thor: Artwork shared

Moody's Internet Café and Art Gallery, always a good time for coffee!
The lamp appears to be made of some kind of marble. It's beautiful, and i drew a full page sketch, but gave that away to a South Korean girl...  I wonder where that picture went?

It's always a good time for coffee!!
Scene: Moody's Art Gallery and Internet Cafe; Coffee time!

My time in Fort Bragg was trying, at worst, and interesting at best...  met many cool people, but brushed elbows with plenty of horrible types.  thank god there was never dialogue with those!

Fort Bragg Post Office
In the mall at Fort Bragg, there was a large amethyst geode.
I drew that.

$0.00 Fucks given


He went thattaway Doc!

The Round Man in a Cube World
Sacred Circles and Geometry

Phoenix Cell
Ba Gua

Mendocino county is beautiful...  This is just one example of that.
Then the whales in Fort Bragg, right by Town Hall.
Mendocino Coast

Fort Bragg Bronze Sculpture

TWENTY ELEMENT MASTERY (errors in the tetragrams, sorry! :'( )
Signed: R.J.Thor: all rights reserved

here's a little peek at my stats work!

and my latest efforts in the art world. also, me.

Copyright Jonathon D. Turner Alias Redundant Jovian Thor.
All artwork seen here was drawn by me, and is owned by me.
Please ask permission before using - should the urge occur.