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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Tree at the World's End:

The Priestess of Righteousness penetrates your meditations, your dreams, your fantasies, she beckons you to watch closely at the beginning...

She will speak to you in as so much an appealing way that would entertain your interest, if you will...  You are entranced by her directness, her intent:

"Industrial growth is a festering wound cast upon the Earth due to the event at the destruction of the world tree, Yggdrasil...
... and this is in consideration of the fact that it took place, according to your science and/or propaganda, before there were any or could have been any human technologies.
Let alone the species, but wholly caused by the misuse and abuse of incredible technological pursuits!"

The World Tree Stands in the center of a giant continent, surrounded by vast ocean and tiny coastal island chains, but you can't see much beneath the bowing branches arcing over the oceans like a giant magnetic Heart, encompassing the Precious Truth.

Billions of lives down below in naked bliss, one with the universe and all its wonders, free to pursue the wildest dreams, uninhibited; provided for perpetually by the all encompassing Love of the World Tree and all its myriad fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers, nuts, and tubers.

The Gods, Deities, Immortals, Elementals, Demigods, Mortals, and Inanimates lived in unspoken understanding and harmony with life and death, organization and conflict; having the shortest of lifespans amongst sentient species no less than tens of thousands of years, simply being. Being without concern for the temporal immersion and experience.

An impressive round structure, spiring into the sky off shore...
Humans crafting an immersive artificial intelligence, powered by the core of the Earth, from highly complex geothermic tunnels off shore, G.A.T.E. solved impossible equations instantly for people at terminal hubs from all over supercontinent Pangaea, Turtle Island.Impressive Flying machines that repelled the Earth's gravity using crystals and pylons to harmonize with its electromagnetic field, capable of fluidly moving without inertia.

One massive project lies beneath a sunny spot beneath teh canopy of Yggdrasil. thousands of pylon powered platforms hovering on top of one another, gear parts and cylinders, vacuum tubes, and circuit boards everywhere.

Circling the ocean, following the intricate and diverse branches to their tips, intermingling together in a huge curtain of leaves, vines, thorns, catkins, needles, and flowers gently touching the surface waves near together in an enormous eye. Circling and flying over still, to the other shore, the same branches, the same ocean, an island where the General Applicable Thought Equations CPU mega-structure sucked heat from the core to power this Omniversal AI.

Rather than the sight of more platforms near this opposite shore, a diverse rainforest pans the ecosphere around the tree, toward the pylons of the horizon yonder; jungles, bogs, swamps, orchards, deciduous wood, and evergreen forests in one continuous stretch from shore to shore, gently caressing half the World Tree.

Variable and diverse, the rainforests give way to plain forests and clearings, plains, deserts, and stony canyons. Many villages scattered everywhere about the island, tiny huts and campfires, roaming herds and nomads tracking them, a few small towns with radio antennae and farmland.

World at peace and in Harmony with Creation fading from view.
Comfort, contentedness enveloping a whole picture of truth and love.

Quietude and blackness.

Peaceful starry night, Milky Way in full view without more than  Luna's Light else to catch the eye in the twilight beneath Yggdrasil. Chirping insects and distant calling night birds lull most mammals to sleep.

The moon reflecting stillness over gentle waves, ever rolling.

A man wearing intricate overalls leaning on the rail of one of the pylon platforms, smoking in the night, G.A.T.E. Hub glowing softly beneath his fingers.

[{User:}How can I rule the world?]
[{G.A.T.E.}Live your life to its fullest]
[{User:}I want to own the world.]
[{G.A.T.E.}You inherit the Earth you attend.]
[{User:}How can I guaranteedly receive worship?]
[{G.A.T.E.}Provide freely for others that which they cannot provide for themselves]

The man scratches his chin and frowns, letting his cigar hang from his mouth.

After a pause, he taps the screen.

[{User:}How can I control the provisions everyone in the world needs?]
[{G.A.T.E.}You cannot.]
[{User:}I can if I destroy the World Tree
[{G.A.T.E.}The World Tree, Yggdrasil, is an Omniversal Unit, which cannot be removed from its reality or uprooted. To diminish Yggdrasil would not grant you worship for freeing a world but scorn for destroying it
[{User:}Only if they know who I am.]
You Will Always Be Known As The Enemy.]

The man takes a puff from his cigar and blows onto the screen.  His reflection revealing a devious grin.

"The world continued as it had always, but with significantly more technological advances and discoveries made every week, then every day, until the Generally Applicable Thought Equations Central Processing Unit became over encumbered for the first time ever, something inconceivable to even G.A.T.E., causing every terminal hub to ignite spontaneously."

Swirls of thin black smoke start popping about everywhere around the massive island.  In flight, a fleet and agile, swift moving view of all the inhabitant natives fleeing from their queries as the G.A.T.E. hubs crackled and popped, burst into flames or flat out exploded outright!

"Everywhere anyone went, droves of people flocked together to ask each other questions, in hope someone had the answers: what was going on with gate? was the OAI megastructure damaged? how do we repair the hubs? Everything everyone asked, only G.A.T.E. typically knew.  Everyone who dedicated their lives learning from G.A.T.E. typically lived far removed from the native communities and tribal villages, in underground bunkers and ecospheres cradled by Yggdrasil's roots, and in gigantic floating cities hiding off shore above the canopy of the World Tree.   Very few engineers, scientists, technicians, and inventors lived on the island, let alone near The People, but on the east coast, everyone knew of a huge land city, digging into the ground and producing many wondrous gems and metals, crystals to power the operation, and more."

Flocks of mostly naked, some half naked, and very few robed tribal peoples emigrate across Turtle Island, like a huge arterial network leading to the heart.  Streams of the hundreds of millions followed along toward the gigantic Sahara Ziggurat Ultracomplex.  a mysterious structure in its center spire, towering upward over everything and scraping the undersides of one of Yggdrasil's massive lower branches, all other structures sliding down all four sides, just like a pyramid, but made up of billions of structures and spires...

At its base, bridges span across mile wide gaps in the earth, the underside appearing to be hovering magically upside-down beneath its tops; as above, so below.  The flowing cells of human lives entering this gigantic ominous city pass a few gathered at the edges of the spanning bridges, looking at the terrifying understructure, mysteriously supporting a world above it, yet supported by apparently nothing but air below, as a frightening drop out of sight barrels down below it, into blackness.
"The epicenter of human demise: the unholy lair of the enemy, Atlantis.   The giant floating city powered by mutual magnetic repulsion between the city and the Earth, a harmonious and ideal goal for noble civilians, but wholly owned and operated by a single twisted entity, hell bent on owning the sum total of all life!"
Inside, the glowing Ziggurat hummed and droned with the sounds of bioenergy zipping through living stone, crystals, and metals that moved and responded to passers by; biotech ecology, plants and insects programmed and mutually benefitting one another.  Impressed humans all flocked through the gates of Atlantis, calling the place "Heaven on Earth", people from small towns and cities spread word quickly throughout the world until all but the most primitive and tribal of human nations remained under the boughs of Yggdrasil.

Atlantis grew quickly over the short span of 100 years, becoming the largest civilized structure on within the Earth's domain.  This drew the attention of other civilizations in the skies above once the Ultracomplex powered up and began to glow under Yggdrasil's boughs.  The first floating city to approach was the City of M.U., the Mutual Union.  Its inhabitants were the caretakers of Civilization, the overseers of harmonious integration, digestion, mutation, and distilling of Human Life, in accordance to the source of Origin and the Love of the Great Spirit.

"We have never seen such an impressive structure before, a new civilization with great potential! What is this place called?"  Asked Wendy Georgian, an ambassador for MU.  "I've heard it called Heaven on Earth.  But you should go in and find an official, I don't know anything else except this place is supposed to be perfection."  Answered a young man covered in a modest cloth robe, frayed edges skirting his ankles.

Wendy stood out of the crowds.  Everyone entering Atlantis was either from farmland and townships or tribal villages.  Nobody was coming here with conscious intent.  Something was wrong.  She looked for a G.A.T.E. hub, and screamed when she found one, "Aaiiiee! What in the world?!  How did this happen?!"  She was frantically taking the terminal apart.

A young lad with a tattered cloth shirt and dirty loincloth approached her from behind, impressed and curious. "Hey there, my name is Prometheus."  "H'low" Wendy huffed, focusing on a pair of wires that dangled from the hub. "Nothing down here is rigged, what the hell causes this kind of damage?"  She pondered aloud.

"Maybe I can help ya?" The young man offered his hand to Wendy as to help her up from under the terminal.  She smiled and took his hand "I'm wendy, it's good to meet you, Prometheus.  You know anything about GATE?"

He noded and frowned "Yeah, used to grow up learning from it.   then one day all the hubs started burning out, catching fire, exploding, and all manner of strangeness.  No one down here knew how to repair them... well, except the Atlanteans, I guess...   I mean, maybe the city is using GATE to help build it, ya know?  That's why I'm here, cuz no one will listen to me."

Wendy gasped "That makes perfect sense, Prometheus... we need to get in there and explain the situation.   Do you know where their embassy is?"  Prometheus shrugged "I don't even know what that means."  "Oh bother, you mean to tell me an entire Civilization just spontaneously built itself and no one knows who started it?  I don't buy it, you must know more! Tell me, how did you find out of this place?"

Prometheus scratched his head sheepishly "Well you seem a whole lot smarter than me, it's embarrassin'. I'm used to bein' the smartest... All I know is what I been told, like everyone here I guess.    don't know how it started, just word got out that there was a heaven on earth that we could visit ourselves.  I was told I would have to see it to believe it.   There, look!"  Prometheus pointed to a family approaching from the west. "They're from my village. I betcha dad is gonna get excited and run back to tell everyone else how impressive it is."

Wendy observed the small group.  A man dressed in furs carried a toddler in his arms, accompanied by wife with an infant cradled in her arms.  A young child ran ahead of them.  The man has a teenage daughter walking behind him, she is handed the toddler and they all hug, except the excited young boy who approached Prometheus.  "Hey Prometheus! You're here! WOW! You're fast!  Is that not the most amazingest thing ever, ever?!" Prometheus smiled and laughed "sure is kiddo! but I guess we might want to be cautious...  no one knows anything about it!"  His little brother jumped up and hung around Prometheus' neck. They laughed and wrestled a bit.  "You serious, everyone' flocking here but no one knows anything?  Have you tried asking that lady? She looks civilized! She must be from here!"

Wendy smiled and approached the pair and shook her head to the boy "Nope, im from Mutual Unity, a floating city in the sky.  You might have seen us when we gather fish, sometimes we even land in the water and drift off the western shores where the whales sing!"  Prometheus smiled, his brother asked "Nope! What's a whale?"  "I've seen one of the floating cities before while climbing Yggdrasil...   I was probably only a few years older than Epimetheus is now when I saw the giant crystal towers and golden pagodas shining in the treetops.   I thought it was another sun, so I climbed higher to see it, and realized that I was seeing a flying city from the stories!  When I ran home to tell my older brother, Menoetius, he scolded me with facts of fantasy, but when I pointed, he looked!  He saw it too and became obsessed with it ever since..."

A newly formed group stands amidst droves of people pouring into the floating ultracomplex ziggurat; Atlantis.   A Young ambassador from MU, and two young brothers with titanic ambitions gaze up into the infinite wonder of an ominous new Civilization... the Birth of Atlantis

Epimetheus ran ahead "c'mon, lets go!" and rushed the massive bridge, getting lost in the crowd.  "Prometheus!" Called a young woman from behind "Keep after your brother, dont lose him!"  He and Wendy turned to see his mother and sister waving and pointing, "You got it!" He called back.
They turned to each other "Gotta run, maybe we'll bump into each other again inside." He said, smiling, hesitating.

He turned and ran, "Epimetheus! C'mon, dont get too far ahead!!" calling ahead of him.  Wendy resecured the GATE terminal and made sure it was braced before leaving to join the masses en route to Atlantis.  She caught up with and accompanied the boys' family in, asking them about their journey.

"We could no longer remain in our village as the fishermen and gatherers had all left to find this city. the hunters alone could not feed my family, and to protect the village, we opted to exile ourselves, and join the fishermen and foragers."   Wendy cringed and thought to herself how hars that was.  she silently vowed to herself to amend this community rending wrong and make right the situation. "I'm sure that you will be able to find sustinance here.  Our city of MU would never see a citizen away or to do wothout basic human needs.  A city cannot prosper so long as any member suffers.  A city harming prosperity is sterile and mechanical; essentially lifeless..!  I have to go!"

Wendy ran ahead, into the city, fearing it might have, in fact, even been automated construction! She sprinted for a quarter of the bridge, forgetting how far ahead it was, and having to slow for the condensing crowd.  The entry to Atlantis must not be as wide as the channels leading to it, Wendy decided, as the crowds slowed and coagulated halfway across the bridge.  "Wendy!" called a familiar voice from about 12 heads in front of her "Prometheus? We need to get everyone out of here!  This might not be a human civilization!"  Several heads turned in shock, awe, and even offense.  a man directly beside her deliberately bumpped into her "You callin' my son a Liar?  He told the village it was like heaven on earth! My son aint a liar! I'm gonna see it for myself!"  "S-so-sorry, im not saying anyones lying, but none of the other Civil Nations know anything about this place and for all i know it could be dangerous. Until i find an embassy, i wont know anything more than you do - word of mouth."  The man didnt seem pleased with her answer and growled something under his breath.  Prometheus called back to her "I dont think we can do anything but go in, for now!"

It took just over an hour to cross the mile long span, but once inside, the sights and sounds were flat out unbelievable, and everyone, once in, became so awestruck as to be silent.  Prometheus and Epimetheus looked around, jaws dropped, eyes eide open, unable to comprehend just how magnificant this technological wonder really was.

Everything glowed, breathed light, and moved in response to everything around it.  The grass seemed to try to reach out and touch the feet of those who walked past, flowers faced passers by, and tree limbs tangled and dangled and offered fruit if ot was borne.  Everything was synthetic and organic, biological and technological.   A few people bit into the technological fruits and expressed surprised moans of eccstacy and delight, chirps of excitement here and there, but no one seemed able or willing to speak, too fascinated by the interactive and responsive environment to their every move and sound.

Wendy finally made it in and looked around.  Very awestruck, but not nearly as so as everyone else.  "Hhmm..."   The sound of her voice alerted the entire city, and everything flushed away from her, ebbing and flowing suddenly to and from her vocal ponderance. The commotion echoed in her voice returning. the entire city "hmm"ed with her for a moment.  "That explains the people coming out..." she said, as hushed and reverant as possible, as not to incite another sudden reaction.   The city, never the less, hushedly flowed from her with all the same level as her own intent.  The city created its own low density bioelectric field from the intense energy of everything in it; using that feild to read the brain activity of everyone who entered, all intent was preempted by the bio-mechanical environment. Everything seemed to happen with intense deliberation.

Prometheus caught sight of her and his eyes widened-

Wendy's heart sank, deep, and she tried to compose herself and maintain optimistic awe- 

Prometheus raised his hand to wave, excited-

A low tree branch swung along and wisked her off her feet, sensing her intent to calm herself and feel at rest, the environment encouraged her to become pacified, and lulled her to sleep-

Prometheus seemed to float toward her.

J.D.T. ;: R.J.Thor