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Saturday, May 21, 2016

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Welcome to my bass ackwards blog.    I don't know what I'm doing except writing, and I know it's a work in progress, nothing but a work in progress...    actually several...  and th blog is running backwards. you're getting the end first and the beginning last.   oh well.  im not web savy enough to care- for i have a solution!

A crappy half assed solution, but it should do the trick.

Meanwhile, allow me to explain what you're doing here.  that's right, you've unwittingly stumbled across this unknown cyber realm and are lost.  mmhmm yup.  But not to worry, you're in a good place. It's safe here.aside from the horrid gramatical inconsistency and general lack of give-a-shit.
About spelling that is...  so it's safe for everyoe except gramar nazis.*

As i was explainin', you've come upon a trove of pure, raw, unrefined creativity.  A genuine Work in Progress cache.

Since each page is it's own story, and as such, its own work in progress, i've decided to maintain this as a main page...  it's the first page you'll see when you link to and it's the newest page i've submitted.

Since that's backwards from what i want, and i dont know howto invert it, i'll just copy this page and paste it every time a new work comes into progress, and add the new work to the list!

Of course, if there's a better way to do this, and i find out, im sure this is already an obsolete solution to a simple problem.

The Dao Bums (Formerly known as The Tao Bums

My little experience on this awesome community. The web forum, The Dao Bums.

Five Virtues

Here, I talk about my personal core values which i believe are critical to humane behavior and social and psychological survival.

Toribash: Violence Perfected; A Genuine Martial Art!

This one is kind of special, and ties into Onethruten... or actually, Onethruten is a contribution to Toribash ;)

Onethruten: A short Story.

A short story of a hero who does things and meets people, and stuff; and things, and junk, and whatnot.

The Legend of Toribash: The Eternal Pursuit

Redundant Jovian Thor: Artwork Shared
A small handfull of some of my hand-drawn sketches during my brief time in Mendocino county (January-March 2016)

The original Origins story as never told before...

Visions from the Priestess of Righteousness is a first and third person narration sequence involving YOU as the listener.

Which all lead out from The Tree at the World's End...   which is back story...

To Apocalypse: Tales of the Phoenix Days ... Which is the precursor...

For a World in Progress

Which includes additional Back Story for several characters, only one of which is in this blog yet:
A Curious History of one Great Skinwalker Warrior

kind of disjointed thoughts going into that whole project... what a mess!

And the currently hot project I am writing is a fanfiction...   Which I am kind of embarrassed about, because I usually pride myself in creativity and avoid "mooching" off of other people's creations...  in other words: I don't write fanfics.**

However, as I explain in the comment at the bottom of the page, the emotional investment of one of Hyrule's contributors has touched my heart and inspired me to go with an idea that I've had for years and years, since Ocarina of Time first became mine...

I write Hylian Hearts, not because it's mine... But because it's NOT mine...   Because it is a gift to every Legend of Zelda contributor and fan.

in a sense, I have to write it...  I don't want to not finish this...

So the most up to date and consistently maintained project you will read here for some time to come is going to be The Legend of Zelda: Hylian Hearts.

I hope that this project is as fun for you to read as it has been for me to imagine, fantasize, and write about.

*I actually did all of that deliberately, and i do edit my work for grammar and spelling. I just want you to feel at home, like you aren't going to get lynched if you spill coffee or visit here drunk.

** I haven't done that since first grade, writing about the Battletoads!   ... which i might just do that again come to think of it...   But not without an artist.   I have candidates in mind.  busy candidates who have lives and make more money doing their own thing :P